Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains made from velvet fabrics provide a luxurious and elegant vibe to a home. Velvet curtains, because of the heaviness and thickness of the fabric, are best suited for rooms that face direct sunlight. They are considered a total blackout curtain when drawn close and the perfect curtain to afford privacy when privacy is needed. Velvet curtains are also great for bedrooms, particularly when you have trouble sleeping or you want to sleep-in in the mornings.
Velvet curtains are fabulous and ideal for all rooms in the house except in the kitchen where steam and grease from cooking will make them dirty fast. They are available in a variety of solid plush colors such as red and burgundy and some Velvet curtains fabrics are embroidered with flowers and other patterns. Embroidered velvet curtains or velvet curtains with design are great focus to the room decor. But velvet curtains are best hang in a formal living room where they can lend elegance and sumptuousness to the formal living room. The rich patina of Velvet curtains adds another dimension to the formal living room décor.
Velvet curtains are best hanged long; from ceiling to floor to create an illusion of bigger windows. They are also great pooled on the floor for another dramatic enhancing effect. Another way to hang velvet curtains is the draped style where a swathe of velvet is draped from the top of the window and pulled to the sides with colored ties or even gold beads. Using velvet curtains to decorate your home could prove to be quite an adventure that will provide the perfect classy chic ambiance to your home.