Dragon Mart Curtain

What Everybody Ought to know about Dragon Mart Curtains

Dragon Mart is the cheapest shopping mall in Dubai. It is especially famous for its curtains.

The dragon mart are highly liked and bought all over the world. They are trendy nowadays.

The curtains are an integral part of homes and offices in Dubai. These curtains, in addition to providing an attractive look to your room, also block out the dust from entering rooms.

Also, the curtains help in stopping excessive light, and they provide excellent insulation in your homes and offices.

In short, the dragon mart curtains are multi-purpose, and they are worth your investments.

Step by step Guide to Choosing Perfect Dragon Mart Curtains

While buying dragon mart curtains in Dubai, you may feel a bit puzzled by the full range of options available.

There are chances that you may get intrigued about some specific dragon mart curtain and buy it without considering other factors.

So here I have mentioned the main steps which will help you in investing your money in the best way possible.


The choice of the material depends on the functionality of the dragon mart curtain.

For the office, you should prefer some lightweight stuff that can allow some light to pass through, thus keeping it well lit during day time.

In your homes, you can go for heavy-weighted, medium weighed, or light weighed stuff depending upon the room you are installing curtains.


The size of the curtain should be much larger than the window as it will smoother the aesthetic of your room and make it look bigger.

First, measure the size of the window then order the dragon mart curtain three times the size of your measurement.

Also, request a longer curtain as it will give some dramatic highs to the room. Also, more extended and broader curtains will block out any chances of invading light.


Color and interior play an integral role in the selection of curtain in dragon mart Dubai.

You don’t want your room to look all sassy and messy just because of the wrong choice of colors.

For the office, you should go for some bright and enthusiastic colors to boost creativity, and for home, usage goes for some dark colors as they don’t get dirty early.

Contrasting colors will give a different look to your room for light-colored walls you should use dark colors and vice versa.


The price of the curtain is an essential factor in buying curtains in dragon mart Dubai.

The cost of the curtain should be based on the functionality, decoration, fabrics, etc. while purchasing the curtains, keep the following factors in your mind also make sure that the curtains you buy should have high durability.

 Ready-made curtains are mostly cheaper than the custom made ones. The stylist has to put extra effort into creating the styles that best suit your room.

Purpose of Dragon Mart Curtains

Here are the following objectives that the dragon mart curtains can efficiently fulfil. While buying the curtains, do make sure that it satisfies all of them.

Light blockage: As curtains are a bit heavy weighed so they block out most of the sunlight or partial sunlight depending upon your preferences of fabric.

Insulation: The curtains provide prevention from cold and heat in summer and winter season, thus performing the duties of a heater.

Attractive interior design and privacy: The curtains provide an aesthetic look to your room, and also you can maintain your privacy.

So here are all the things you need to know about dragon mart curtains before investing your money in buying curtains. So best of luck with your buying.