Roman Blinds

Complete Beginner’s Guide For Buying Roman Blinds

Roman blinds Dubai is an affordable option for covering your windows; also, they give an aesthetic look to your room.

These louvers excellently myriad your room interior with plain or patterned options.

They provide a practical solution for you to cover your windows. They are handled by using a series of vertical cords.

So, the shutters with their intricate up-down design elevate your window to a work of art.

Here are a few things you need to consider before buying any of them.

Fabric Choice Of Roman Blind Dubai

There are unlimited choices when it comes to choosing the color and pattern of window covers. Roman blinds can be made more or less with any fabric to coordinate or contrast with your color scheme.

● If you want some sharp and crisp looking stuff, then I would recommend using light material, for instance, faux silk or taffeta, the smooth effect, and luster of these fabrics could show off with the bulk of stack of folds. 

● The ideal type of them is the medium-weighted such as jacquard, woven or printed cotton, damasks, or linen. They offer high durability, and besides, the choice of color, style, and pattern are also diverse.

● If you want something robust and sumptuous to add to the elegance of your room, then you have to spend a fortune. Heavy weighted fabrics such as chenille or velvet, are highly durable and elegant. These fabrics provide extra longevity and also add to the durability of the materials. They are best for ill-fitted windows.

Fabrics You Should Avoid While Choosing Blinds 

There is nothing worse than seeing your investments gone wrong because of your ignorant choices. So, here are a few materials that I would certainly not recommend for screens.

● Pure silk is more likely to fade away or rot with exposure to the sun, so it does not provide due durability or resilience.

● Fabrics with a thick waterproof coating such as cotton vinyl will be highly sticky and add extra friction to the operating system, so avoid them.

● Faux leather is very likely to get torn at joining points, and upholstered material is too stiff to use for window decorations despite their high durability.

Linings Of The Blinds

Lining plays a vital role in adding to the elegance and durability of the roman blinds Dubai. Fillings provide stability to the fabric, also preventing direct sunlight damage or moisture prevailing in the window. 

Linings are usually attached through tapes and cords, which come in white or cream color, so I recommend using the coatings that are of white or cream blush too. Thus, the shades part that will be visible from outside will look as smart and professional from outside as from inside, also prevent using color fabrics firstly, as they will not contrast with the tape colors. Secondly, the color will fade away with exposure to sunlight.

Shadings of Blinds 

It would be best if you were wise enough to choose the linings that will provide better shades to your window blinds. The standard shading stuff is the cotton linings. Cotton lining helps in blocking out most of the sunlight, so it is best for the room in which you want some light during the day. Whereas there are blackout linings to shade out all the sunshine and is ideal for a place where you want some privacy. 


So, here are some basic things which you, as a beginner, need to know before buying the blinds. One thing I would recommend is first doing your research to see the functionality of different roman blinds Dubai before installing them as it is a one-time investment.