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Persian Rugs Dubai, also commonly referred to as Afghan Rugs or Iranian Rugs, were traditionally produced in the “Rug Belt” region of Persia, now called Iran, and its surrounding areas.

Featuring designs that are rich in imagery derived from Persian artwork and later Islamic artwork, the Persian Rugs Dubai is distinguished by its floral and geometric repeating patterns and arabesques.

As well as being visually beautiful, a Persian Rugs Dubai design introduces spiritual themes of harmony in nature, with patterns designed to allow themselves to spread across a surface, with no one stand out motif, and thus unify a space in a calm and peaceful manner.

Traditionally Persian Rugs are made by hand and are renowned for their excellent quality and craftsmanship.

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Be sure to look through our Persian Rugs Dubai and Oriental rugs descriptions in our Persian rugs Dubai guide to find out more about the origins and history of your Persian rugs Dubai. Persian Rugs Dubai are known as one of the oldest oriental rugs.

According to many collectors these rugs are the finest oriental rugs, while for others including me as a Turkish Collector,it is Turkish Carpets. Of course Persian’s amazing level of quality shows Persians are able to create the best carpets in the world, Definitely that creates the Persian Rug Value. Abrisham(means silk in Iranian) is one of the strongest natural substances and originally came from China also being produced in Persia.

Finding good silk rugs is more difficult than finding good wool rugs. If you are looking for a real good silk, i also advise you to check Silk Turkish Carpets.